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New Lease! Cusco DOT Duravac 820

We setup a new lease for a $450k Cusco DOT Duravac 820 Vacuum Unit otherwise known as a hydro-vac truck.  The customer was new to business, which made a deal of this size a tough sell with most funders.  In addition, the customer had limited cash resources to start the lease and start their business at the same time.  We found a funder to buy the deal and we structured the payments to minimize expenses in the first few months of operation.  This will allow the customer to get their business up and running without the risk of a cash shortfall.  Overall this was a very successful deal.  The customer is happy because they are starting a new business that will significantly increase their earning potential.  Moreover, we structured the deal with some long-term thinking in mind that will significantly help the customer in the early stages of business. 


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