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Equipment Lease: Excavator & Shear

One of our account managers recently did an excellent job arranging an equipment lease for a client in the construction and demolition industry. This client was an owner operator with a bit of a “shaky” credit history and has been in business for only 3 years. In addition, the business could not provide business financials, was behind on its corporate tax returns and there were amounts outstanding to Canada Revenue Agency. At the time, the business was renting a 1994 Case 9040B Excavator and a 2001 Vibra-Ram AS4000 Scrap Shear to help with their demolition projects, but the monthly rental cost was way too high and was significantly affecting their bottom line. The customer came to us looking to lease the equipment so they could retain the needed cash flow and utilize the tax advantages offered through leasing.

We were able to get an approval for this customer in just under 24 hours to lease the excavator and shear over a 36 month term at a very reasonable rate. The best part is that we were able to secure a monthly lease payment that was six times less than the monthly rental payment they were currently making! The entire deal was completed in just over a week, saving our customer an extra month’s rental payment and ensuring they had the needed capital to continue expanding their growing company. Since Leaseline was able to provide such quick and professional service, our client has decided to use our office for all of their equipment leasing needs and has even recommended us to a few of their own clients.


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