The Cannabis Industry has taken-off – Don’t get left behind.


A reliable leasing program can make the difference in the Cannabis industry by freeing up valuable cash flow and structuring expenses to coincide with your growing business.

Cannabis legalization has left some scrambling to find a finance partner and secure adequate capital to acquire the necessary equipment.
LeaseLine Equipment and Vehicle Leasing prides itself on being ahead of the curve and is the market leader in equipment financing.  We are actively looking to assist businesses in securing the capital and equipment they need to participate in the next billion dollar industry.


Business Owners know the importance of having the right equipment at the right time.


At Leaseline we structure leases for all kinds of equipment related to production or retail sales, new and used, big or small.  Contact Us to find out how.

Here are some examples Cannabis Industry Equipment that can be leased:

  • Tables
  • Lights
  • Extraction Equipment
  • Water Systems
  • Fans
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Printers
  • Phones
  • Display Cases
  • Accessories
  • Security Systems

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