Farming is inherently seasonal work and it is inherently time sensitive.


Farmers depend on their equipment to work their fields and harvest their crops when the time is right. Without the right equipment, crops can wither along with profits. Leasing farm equipment, dairy equipment, or any other agricultural equipment is the perfect solution for a farmer’s business needs.

Farmers know the importance of having the right equipment at the right time.

At LeaseLine we structure leases for all kinds of agriculture equipment, new and used, big or small. We can even arrange a lease for your existing agricultural equipment! Contact us to find out how.

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Here are some examples of agricultural equipment that can be leased:

• Air Compressor
• Air Seeder
• Backhoe
• Bale Mover
• Baler
• Bean Harvester
• Beet Harvester
• Broadcast Seeder (spreader)
• Centre-Pivot irrigation
• Chisel Plow
• Combine Harvester
• Conditioner
• Conveyor Belt
• Corn Harvester
• Cotton Picker
• Cultivator
• Dairy Machinery
• Fanning Mill
• Feed Grinder
• Fertilizer & Pest Control
• Fertilizer Spreader

• Food Processing
• Forage Harvester
• Front End Loader
• Grain Auger
• Grain Cart
• Harrow (Spike, Drag, Disk)
• Harvesting/Post-Harvest
• Hay
• Hay Rake
• Hay Tedder
• Huller
• Irrigation
• Livestock Equipment
• Manure Spreader
• Mower
• Planting & Soil Cultivation
• Plough
• Potato Digger
• Potato Harvester
• Potato Planter
• Power Tiller

• Rotary Tiller
• Rototiller
• Precision Drill
• Rock Picker
• Seed Drill
• Skid-Steer Loader
• Spading Machine
• Sprayer
• Stone Picker
• Subsoiler
• Swather
• Terragator
• Tractor
• Transplanter
• Walking Tractor

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