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New Lease!

With all the growing business ventures of past clients, customers know too well that any equipment needs to be serviced. This week we leased a truck for a new customer expanding his long time business that would assist in servicing those larger pieces of equipment. With a flexible starting point for a lease term and a monthly cap on payment amounts, we were able to locate a lender that would best fit this long time business owner’s needs.

A 2008 International 4200 4×4 c/w Cobra 5105 Picker Crane with an attached miller welder was found by the client to best meet their job requirements. Agreeing to a 48 month term with a first and security as a down, LeaseLine was able to design a more than reasonable lease term that the client could work with. By leasing his equipment, the customer has huge tax advantages for the expansion of his business, creating an opportunity for not only more money in the company, but ultimately his own pockets.

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